About Us

Our Story

For over six decades, Dyna-Empire, Inc. has excelled in the manufacturing of parts for aircraft engines, accessories, and landing gear. While our machine shop has been revised and refined throughout the years, our goals have remained the same: We strive to build the highest quality products from the finest material, and to deliver our products on time to our customers.

The standards we deploy at Dyna-Empire, Inc. have been certified to excel and have exceeded the requirements for AS9100, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and we maintain NADCAP accreditations in welding and NDT. We are also a certified FAA repair station (N6YR422Y).

Dyna Empire, Inc. operates a 55,000-square foot manufacturing facility that employs over 110 people on Long Island, New York. Our growing customer list includes the U.S. Government, Rolls-Royce, Pattonair, Wesco, Turbomeca group, Snecma, Boeing, Parker Hannifin, Zodiac-INLHC, and Pall Corp.

We take pride in making every effort to accelerate production, and our machine shop personnel take every measure possible to streamline operations.

Our catalog of parts range from those from early propeller engines through those from the latest jet engines. Dyna-Empire, Inc. has been manufacturing series I, II, and III thermocouples for the T-56 engine (application Lockheed Hercules C-130) for more than 45 years. There are currently over 2000 aircraft in service (8000+ engines). We have collaborated in the development of more than 150 models of critical high-temperature thermocouples, and are the single approved supplier on most engine programs. In addition to our T-56 work, Dyna Empire, Inc. has been the selected thermocouple design team leader on all models of the 250 engine, 501K, T-406, 2100 D3, and all series 3007 engines. To date, we have manufactured well in excess of one million thermocouples, and these components remain among the most reliable, accurate sensors in the industry.

In addition to thermocouple sensors and harnesses, we design and manufacture pneumatic and hydraulic valve assemblies, fuel controls, a variety of electronic devices and sonar equipment, machine parts and other mechanical hardware for aircraft engines, accessories and landing gear.